Friday, October 4

:.      hello again. the good news is that i got into mensa, despite thinking i bombed on both tests. i didn't even understand a whole frickin section. oh well. gift horses and mouths or something. which means i allow myself a second tattoo.

      the bad news is that cynischism is (obviously) slowing down. it served a purpose, and i loved the attention, but now it's a bit of a burden. it turned from an anonymous exhibitionist endeavor to a mass emailing to friends and family, and now i feel more sensitive of my audience than i initially intended to be. i might regret it and start writing again tomorrow. i might start a another site someplace else, and you might happen to chance upon it; or not. but for a while, i gotta figure out what i'm doing here, or elsewhere.

     i appreciate your readership; there's been consistent traffic, and i'm still amazed that my nonsense is read-worthy.

thanks again,
take care,


Thursday, September 12

:.      best sms text message ever:

come over

Tuesday, September 10

:.      i hurt my hand playing soccer. now, the likelyhood of finding ice in my freezer is about the same as finding food in there: null. so i'm holding the ice tray on the bruise. men are stupid, yet resourceful.


she: there's the type i'm attracted to and then there's the type that i date.'re neither.

Wednesday, September 4


she: are you happy?
me: i'm more than happy. i'm content.
she: why is that more than happy?
me: because it lasts longer.

Friday, August 30

:.       i applied for us citizenship this morning. and it boils down to getting to vote in exchange for having to do jury duty. i don't think that's a really fair trade, but they don't ask me. but they should. i don't have a better idea, but at least if they asked me i'd start thinking about it. i mean, right now i'm not thinking about it, so we don't even know if there is a better solution. how about it, mr. ins man? ready to make a deal?

Monday, August 26

:.       ok. i'm back and jet lagged as all fuck for the past month now of back and forth. i've got cleaning / emailing / appointments and one hundred tiny miscellaneous things to do and i just want to sleep. or not, if she's around, but then i don't really wanna do anything when she's around. but i got my mensa practice test back and my raw score of 74 predicts an iq of 134, which just barely passes the 98% cutoff of ~131. which means i'll take the real test, but the practice one seemed kinda flimsy and i doubt it's a good predictor. so i don't really know any more than before, except i can't find a good 2nd tattoo idea.

      ok. it's official. this is the crappiest journal entry ever.

Tuesday, August 20

:.       so if not the word "temporary," i think my next tattoo will have a picture of a pipe, and underneath it'll say "ceci n'est pas un tatouage." i think intellectual body scarification has a limited audience.